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Dream Blue Foundation provides grants to organizations based in the U.S. and abroad to support the work in providing access to quality education for all people, especially children and youth in vulnerable communities.  DBF is currently partnering with English-medium schools in rural Pakistan and Bangladesh to provide education to disadvantaged children and youth.  DBF is also supporting an educational project in Indonesia that empowers disadvantaged college students through IT and foreign language acquisition programs.  

Through the Education & Technology Grant Initiative, DBF aims to expand educational opportunities for young people and prepare them for a competitive 21st century economy through the innovative use of technology. 

DBF has partnered with multiple organizations through this initiative to:

  • Modernize education in Tunisia by training school teachers to incorporate effectively technology in the classroom
  • Develop an interactive web-based platform targeted at the out-of-school migrant youth in rural Cambodia with relevant information that will reduce their vulnerability and improve their chances of better work and life outcomes 
  • Deliver Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) to educate and train Arab youth in order to help reduce the skills gap in the region